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Aarhus Universitet

19 Oktober - 29 November 2020

ScienceAtHome is a diverse interdisciplinary team of scientists, data scientists, game developers, designers and visual artists. We create fun scientific games, with the aim of revolutionising scientific research and teaching through game-play. Everyone can play our games and in that way contribute to science - join us at! ScienceAtHome is based at Aarhus University, Denmark.

We have prepared three different opportunities for you to explore the digital science that we use. First of all, we love games and what they can do for science. Learn about science while contributing to research by playing our games. Our second initiative is a talk on Hybrid Intelligence and more specifically the role of humans. For our third session, we will explore various aspects and uses of quantum physics in our ‘Quantum Trilogy’ talk. Please find more information on the subpages for each event by clicking the links at the top of this page.


Anfang: 19 Oktober 2020
Ende: 29 November 2020
Science & Technologie e.V.

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